IKAR Industries, LLP is a London based industrial investment group. Its founding partners have a combined 50+ years of expertise in business, leadership, management, and investing with a wide-ranging set of sectorial knowledge and a wealth of international experience. These factors combine to create a rich blend of understanding, experience, and network to find the right investments with the very best companies.

The partners come from German, American, Russian-Swedish and British  backgrounds and an equally diverse range of professional disciplines, providing know-how on operating successfully across diverse cultures, business structures and levels of corporate maturity (ranging across public corporations, private equity or family managed holdings, through to early stage start-ups).

The backgrounds of the partners are reflected in the geographical and sectoral investment strategy of IKAR Industries. Our investment portfolio contains a mix of investments in emerging markets, like Turkey, and mature markets in Europe and North America to create the appropriate risk and return balance.

IKAR operates from London, Istanbul, Frankfurt and New York and offers operational expertise for restructuring solutions, buy and build strategies and financing solutions. These services are augmented by a network of senior industry, finance and legal experts. Active Sectors include Energy, Mobility, Real Estate & Hospitality, Corporate Intelligence and Technology products  & SaaS services (Industrial Maintenance/Safety, Security, Healthcare, Telecoms, AdTech etc.).